Creating the Learning Engine of the Future

The IOLC  is founded to ensure that the technical skills students and employees learn are the ones industry needs and are hiring for, now, and in the future.  The IOLC is  an independent non-profit backed by major industry players, non-profits, and Universities who collaborate to create an engine that defines the skills needed for technical  roles, to put curriculum in market, hires and advances people who complete the learning and measures the outcomes.

In 2016, 40 percent of employers  and 65 percent of global CIO’s reported that skills shortages were having a negative impact on their business. 

If the solution were as simple as adding computer science classes, increasing capacity at universities, additional industry investment in training and certification, or providing access to learning via the Internet, the Skills Gap would not be the widest it has ever been.

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The IOLC brings industry, universities, non-profits together to build a learning network that keeps pace with rapidly evolving technology and measures learners outcomes and workplace impact.


IOLC  is the premiere industry led  institution comprised of members who are the respected leaders in the technical world. These leaders are entrenched in the challenges facing the workplace every day, and bring a unique and astute perspective to the task of effectively solving the job market puzzle. They are committed to bringing industry together to build a learning network to solve the technical skills gap. They are working together to provide a win for employees, job seekers and employers alike.

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Become Part of The Solution

We invite you to join our current member organizations,  and help to benefit the global economy by providing a steady stream of job-ready candidates.